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Event in a BOX

If you are passionate about helping the Team Kick Cancer mission but are not sure how to develop an event, we built a few “Events in a BOX” to help out.

We are still asking you to come up with your cancer awareness program, statement, or message that you would like to communicate. We will help by providing a box of event items to help you get started.

Event in a Box


A Hit the STREETS event will focus on going into your community and talking to people about cancer awareness.

Event in a Box


A TKC VOICES HEARD event will be an assembly/educational speaker event. This would be a great idea in schools or large community centers with the goal of reaching as many people as possible.

Event in a Box

Make your message


This type of TKC event will be focused on a visual statement in your community to generate awareness. Media coverage of this event will be critical.